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I have started to process of redesigning the site
pages and display of photos.  Because of the large
number of pages and the volume of photos this
work will take some time. Apologies in advance
for broken links and missing pages. It will all be
worth it.
Photo Gallery
Registration   to   the   Photo   Gallery   has   been   turned
off   temporarily   because   of   it   being   inundate   with
fake   registrations   by   spam   bots.      If   you   wish   to
register please contact me direct with your details.
Latest photos
22-03-2018 New photos added thanks to Ian Vale.
13-02-2018    My    thanks    to    Wendy    Clarke    for    her
collection   of   family   Photos    centred   around   Seletar
07-02-2018   Some   new   photos   added   to   the   Photo
Gallery  thanks to Jean McCaffrey.
04-02-2018   New   photos    added   thanks   to   Karen
17-12-2017     New     set     of     photos      added     from
Margaret   Gardener   of   her   childhood   in   Lock   Road
25-11-2017    Two    new    class    photos    of    the    Royal
Naval   School   thanks   to   Christine   Thompson   and
photos   of   the   Singapore   Schools   reunion   are   now
in the Photo Gallery
18-11-2017    New    photos     added    thanks    to    John
King and Robert Foster.
17-10-2017   More   photos    added   today   thanks   to
contributions from Diane Barton and Jane Trattles

Dates for your Diary

Reunions planned for ex-students of BFES Schools,
23 June 2018. - Mid-Summer Scotland Reunion for Ex Far East
Brats.  - more 
9th August 2018. - Plymouth Reunion.  - more
1st September 2018 - Newcastle Upon Tyne, Reunion - more
4th September 2018. - Portsmouth Reunion.  - more
22nd September 2018. - Birmingham Reunion - more
5th November 2018. - Singapore Schools Reunion Down
Under.  - more
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