Memories of Singapore - Internet Boadcasts - page 3

Broadcast    5th    October    2020       WeFive    videos    featuring    photos    from    Alan    Cooke, Richard   Mellish   and   Steve   Charters.     The   other   two   videos   feature   Singapore   scenes, one    called    'A    Glimpse    of    Singapore    February    1967'    and    one    from    2011called 'Timelapse Beauty of Singapore' by Populus.SG.
This   episode   has   3   video   slideshows   with   photos   from   Derek   Simons,   Keith   Hughes and    Dave    Papworth.       Also    two    home    movies    from    David    Donnelly    featuring Sembawang in the early sixties, and John Eastwell showing RAF Changi in 1964-67.